Flicking bread into wind….


So… I guess this is my first article and let me start off by saying if your wind forecast is anything like mine… Don’t go fly fishing… With nearly 40km/hr winds coming directly towards me from the water, casting a fly into the water was the equivalent to trying to urinate between two fans while intoxicated, but I did have plenty of fun.

dsc_0078Armed with my #7 rod and a couple of bread flies I tied on in a hurry with materials sourced from my dogs recently deceased toy llama (Rest in peace stuffed llama you will be missed) a hook some thread and a bottle of good old Sally Hansen’s HARD AS NAILS!!!! I was ready to catch on to some mullet for an hour and a bit, or so I thought…


I arrived to my destination on the Onkaparinga river and it was beautiful the water was clear blue, I had great visibility!  I began by throwing out a steady  trail of  bread to act as burly whilst I tied some furled leaders. I swear that bread is the equivalent to crack for fish, throw in some curry powder for good measure and those fish now have a full-blown ice addiction.

Here are some photos from the session, there was nothing really of good size but they were plenty of fun.

Well as you can see, there are no mullet… maybe they all started some ‘new year, new life’ BS and have now replaced white bread for whole grain bread in an attempt to ‘slim down and better themselves’ but I wont let that get me down, despite the odd rain drops and the wind  I had an enjoyable day on the bream and Australian salmon (which isn’t a salmon at all, it’s of the perch family.)


Thank you for reading, if you haven’t already, be sure to follow me on Instagram to get the latest updates on my fishing escapades!


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